My Movies for Windows product suite update now available

Brian over at has announced an update to the My Movies for Windows product suite.  The update is recommended for all our users of our my-HMS and my-MediaCentre machines.  Please note that our customers should specifically ensure they use build 2 for the Media Centre edition as we found a small bug in 4.04 which caused the disk copy to crash which Brian has now addressed in build 2.

As well as several bug fixes here are a few additional new features

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 4.04 Build 2

Added: Option to embed meta-data into MP4 files.

Added: Third path for Media Player Home Classic.

Change: Include of debug files in Collection Management.

Fix: The export package for iPad failed with an error.
Fix: RS-232 changers failed as an attempt to fix another issue broke it.
Fix: There was an issue with the back cover on the exported package for iPhone and iPad.
Fix: Neutral language was option that could be selected when editing TV Series, which was not the intention.
Fix: Poster images in the image rating control was not centered correct.
Fix: Discs were not always sorted correct.
Fix: Installer version could crash on the copy disc guide in Windows Media Center.

Added: DunePath for TV Series are uploaded to server to prepare for TV Series in mobile applications.
Added: The 3D Blu-ray checkbox was not shown in the title preview.
Added: Command line option /sql2008 for installer to install SQL Server 2008 R2 on Vista or Windows 7, which normally installs SQL Server 2005.
Added: Option for installers to replace Windows Media Center logo in copy discs dialog.
Added: Contribution history on TV Series images.

My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 2.12 (Build 2)

Added: Converter now supports ISO files that are coupled to a title as ‘Online File’.
Added: better handling of situations where converter hasn’t converted the title on a disc.
Added: Popcorn Hour NMJ storage.
Added: Path for converted discs is now stored.
Added: Third and Fourth priority in searches.
Added: Data service API function to retrieve data in external applications.
Added: Back-end support for downloading of converted movies from WHS to mobile devices.
Added: Meta-data storage for MediaBrowser (Requires 500 points).
Added: Meta-data storage for JRiver MediaCenter (Requires 500 points).
Added: Option to specify target directory name for DVD and Blu-ray’s, and by that also specify to separate the two when copying.
Added: Profiles for New iPad and Apple TV 3

Added: MPEG2 converter profile added. MPEG2 conversion is now removed from a target to be part of video converter.
Added: Possibity to use mencoder in converter profiles
Added: The system will now check media info for titles where the information for some reason could not be read at the time the title was added or edited
Added: Installers “My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 Integrators” option.

Update: Remote Server API updates, including setting API key in configuration.

Change: Event handling functionality now requires 2500 points or integrator license.
Change: New handbrake version for video converter.
Change: Ability to process unidentified discs have been split into when system was online, available for all, and when system was offline (boat functionality), which is available only for users with 2500 points or installer integrators version.
Change: MPEG-2 option deprecated as copy target, and instead added as part of video converter.
Change: Updated Nimbie drivers for Nimbie NB21.
Change: Rename of Apple TV profiles from MP4 to M4V which should be better handled by iTunes.
Change: Updated SDK for Nimbie, to support latest Nimbie NB21.
Change: Better handling of database upgrades, so that later versions does not need all clients to be upgraded when server is upgraded.
Change: Updated for iOS 1.82 WHS connection options.

For users of our my-HMS servers My Movies will be updated automatically in the background.  For my-MediaCentre users head on over to and download the update directly from here  –  Make sure you are not using My Movies (end out of Media Centre and ensure you are not currently copying a disk).  Unpack the zip and run the update.  It will install over the top of the  existing installation, and automatically pick up the license key


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