Dune HD first looks at 3d products at IFA 2012

Dune have released some first look photos of their 3d products that will be on demonstration at IFA 2012.

Dune HD TV-103D

The Dune HD TV-103D is a compact size universal media player for 2D/3D video playbackup to Full HD (1080p) including OpenGL hardware acceleration for increased user interfacespeed and performance. DuneHD TV-103D is remarkable for its high performance,ultra-compact size, elegant modern design and modest price. Support for Full 3D Video and Dune HD Portal.








Dune HD TV-203D

Dune HD TV-203D is a compact and cost effective hybrid solution for the consumer interested in a converged media experience. Offering attractive design, competitive price and high performance, the Dune HD TV-203D features the Dune HD Portal, Full 3D support, OpenGL hardware acceleration and more. The Dune HD TV-203D is built on the powerful Sigma Designs SMP8673 platform and comes equipped with an internal digital tuner for either cable, terrestrial or satellite TV.








Dune HD TV-403D

Hybrid digital TV STB with optional dual digital tuners, 3.5” hard drive bayand Full 3D video support. Based on Sigma Designs SMP8673
The most powerful hybrid digital TV solution available in the Dune HD line, the Dune HDTV-403D was designed expressly for consumers desiring a highly converged entertainment experience. The Dune HD TV-403D supports the Dune HD Portal andcombines IP, dual digital tuners (cable, terrestrial or satellite) and extended media player functionality with the option to install a single high capacity internal 3.5” hard drive for a true all-in-one solution.






Dune HD Connect

World’s smallest Full HD media playerin the format of HDMI dongle with built-in Wi-Fi,Bluetooth and Z-Wave option.
The amazing new Dune HD Connect sets a new standard in compact size, lowcost and network connectivity. Featuring Full HD 1080p support and built-in Wi-Fi,Bluetooth and Z-Wave option, the Dune HD Connect is unique in the retail market. Additionally the Dune HD Portal offers hundreds of premium content sources. With its compact form factor, low price point and uncompromising performance the Dune HDConnect is sure to excite anyone looking for value and performance they can afford.







Dune HD Max 3D

Dune HD Max 3D is the top of the range premium universal digital media player which supports nearly all audio and video formats regardless of resolution or type. This playerfully supports all high-resolution video and audio formats, including DVD, Blu-ray 2D and3D discs. IPTV/VOD functionality is also supported as well as Dune HD Portal.


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