AMD Trinity FM2 APUs and Intel Ivybridge i3 processors based Home Theatre PCs now available

Now that AMD have released their Trinity FM2 APUs, and Intel have released Ivybridge i3 processors, we have updated out myMediaCentre line-up to incorporate these new options.

All our AMD FM1 offerings have now been updated to FM2 models.

Similarly, our Sandybridge i3 models are now i3 Ivybridge versions.  All except the Zeno and FC5 fanless designs, as the new i3 3220’s TDW rating (77w) is too high for the fanless system to cope with; it’s only rated to 65w. Once Intel release the 65w version, then we’ll update these models also.

This now means that our range of Media Centre PCs are all 3d capable (expect the Zeno & FC5 as mentioned above).

Also incorporated into our product refresh is our switch to Crucial M4 SSDs.  With read speeds of upto 500Mb/s, and prices from just £60 they boost performance of your Media Centre PC


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