Dune HD Base 3D now available to Pre-Order

Dune HD have finally officially released the info for pre-ordering the 3d models

The initial release will be the TV-303D and the Base 3D. Both models will begin shipping from their European warehouse w/c 21st Jan 2013.  We will therefore begin shipping pre-orders w/c 27 Jan 2013.

The TV-303D will not sport HD Audio, its designed for TVs not amplifiers and home cinema setups. The Base 3d will have all the hd audio as expected. Full specs for the Base 3d are now our website – http://my-htpc.co.uk/shop/article_68/Dune-HD-Base-3D-Media-Player.html

The price for the TV-303D will be £165 inc VAT (199 Euro)
The price for the Base 3D will be £249 inc VAT (299 Euro)

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  1. When you said….”TV-303D will not sport HD Audio, its designed for TVs ”

    does this mean you can not do downmix of these tracks? I do not need HD audio, but if I need to hear these tracks in stereo.


  2. it will downmix, what it wont do is pass bitstreamed hd audio to your amp.

  3. Hi again, one question more…

    Think you can do the CORE passthrough HD audio?

    Thanks again.

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