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my-HMS Media Servers now upgraded to mirrored operating system HDD

Our multi-terabyte auto ripping, catalogue and storage media servers have now been upgraded to include a mirrored operating system disk, to give even further resilience to our servers.  Used in conjunction with FlexRAID which protects the data stored on the my-HMS media server, your entire server contents are now protected from physical disk failure. With our smallest […]

Now stocking Mede8er 1000X3D mutlimedia player

After visiting the Med8er stand at IFA in September (…de8er-1000x-3d/) and getting a demonstration of this amazing little machine, we are pleased to announce that will now be stocking the MED1000X3d from next week.  If you pre-order before they arrive we are offering free carriage.  Stock should be with us on the 10th October.  We […]

My Movies for Windows product suite update now available

Brian over at has announced an update to the My Movies for Windows product suite.  The update is recommended for all our users of our my-HMS and my-MediaCentre machines.  Please note that our customers should specifically ensure they use build 2 for the Media Centre edition as we found a small bug in 4.04 […]